The Purpose of Life’s Journey V: Breaking the Shackles of Maya

The Purpose of Lifes Journey IV-Breaking the Shackles of Maya

The Purpose of Life’s Journey V: Breaking the Shackles of Maya

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After hearing the attributes of Maya from Anthareeksha Muni, Nimi Chakravarthy was ready with his next question:

How to get liberated from the clutches of Maya?

To this, the fourth of the Nava Yogis – Prabudha Muni — gives the answer saying the easiest way out is through self realization.

What is self realization? Now, think for a moment: Who am I? I shall answer that for you.

I belong to a locality which is in a city which is in a state..a planet that revolves around the sun. The Solar system is perched on one small arm of the swirling Milky Way Galaxy which has a million billion stars, suns, planets, black holes where stars die and are reborn. And like the Milky Way there are so many galaxies in the universe.

Now, IN this big picture, who am I? A very very insignificant person.

Watch this video for you to get an idea,

So, ultimately, you realize that despite all the things you possess, despite the chest puffing pride, you are a very insignificant person, just noting…not even pin-sized in this universe. You play your part and get out of the world.

As Shakespeare said in As You Like It:

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts.

That is when self realization dawns on you.

But be vary. This self-realisation is only momentary. But one way out is to remind yourself daily that you are no one in this universe. This will lead to self realization.

For example, you get angry at someone. For a moment, think who you are – not even a small worm in the universe. Your anger will vanish. A first step towards self realization.

The Purpose of Lifes Journey IV-Breaking the Shackles of MayaPrabudha Muni also says that for liberation from Maya, you must develop detachment from materialistic world. Joy is not permanent. You cannot chain joy and make it yours all the time. Joy is only a mirage in the materialistic world.

Real joy comes when you stop chasing things in the materialistic world. What needs to be flagged here is that you need not give up what you are doing, but give up the desire and quest to seek joy that is not permanent. If it comes your way, it is fine, but do not brood over it because it is not permanent.

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Then you would ask me, why live if we do not work for getting moments or spurts of joy. Well, there is another world of joy. It’s called bliss. This is, to make things simple, frozen joy or permanent joy. You enjoy this joy permanently or thaw this joy any time.

Bliss comes through a combination of self-realisation and calculated liberation from the materialistic world. That way, you would be able to break the shackles of Maya.

Prabudha Muni admits that all this is not easy. For this journey to liberation… to self realization…to bliss, one would need the help of a Guru.

The Purpose of Lifes Journey IV-Breaking the Shackles of MayaSo, who is a true Guru? The one who has attained Bhagawatha Dharma in all aspects.

I admit it is difficult to get a true guru these days when modern gurus are chasing materialistic milestones.

There are two ways to get a guru:

Everyday, start looking out. You will realize that few actions, or a few persons with whom you interact or a few incidents in the day may have hidden messages for you. Collate them and you get a Guru’s blueprint.

Secondly, you can have a Manasa Guru – someone whom you think is your ideal guru – dead or alive. Follow his or her teachings. That Guru will then show you the journey of your life to liberation and to Bhagawatha Dharma.

Practice detachment, seek liberation and enjoy the bliss of atma nirvana.

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