The temple in Tamil Nadu is in the middle of the magnetic field?

Chidambaram temple

Many of the information contained in the mythology of almost all religions is contrary to science. Although these have been written long before modern science, some of these are propagated as scientific facts.

One of these stories has been propagated by connecting it to the famous Hindu temple at Chidambaram in Tamil Nadu.

Some claim that this ‘temple is situated just above the center of the earth’. At the same time, some claim that this temple is located at the center of the Earth’s magnetic equator.

This information also found its way and reached the mainstream media of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka via social media, where such claims were published in the articles.

In 2016, an article in the Sri Lankan mainstream media wrote that after eight years of research and spending crores of dollars, it has been found that the magnetic center of the earth is under the thumb of Chidambaram Nataraja’s statue.

However, in this article it was not clear who has done this research and on what basis this claim is being made.

This myth has become so powerful that the official website of the Cuddalore district in which the city of Chidambaram is located says that ‘this temple is situated at the center of the world’s magnetic equator’, that is, located on the world’s magnetic equator.

However, it is also true that the magnetic equatorial line of the Earth passes through another Indian city. We will finally know about it.

Center of the earth

Let us examine the claim that this temple is located at the centre of the Earth and the centre of the magnetic equator.

According to the US space agency NASA, the Earth’s radius at the equator is 6378.137 kilometers and its polar radius is 6,356.752 kilometers. The total radius of the Earth is 6371 km. This figure is accepted all over the world.

If the world were round, its diameter would be the same from everywhere. but it’s not like that. Let us know how.

Like many scientific organizations, NASA also believes that the Earth is not completely round but its shape is ‘flat oval’. This is because the surface of the North and South Pole is slightly flattened.

The polar radius of the earth (the distance between the two poles and between the poles from the center of the earth) is less than the equatorial radius (the distance between any point marked between the center of the earth and the equator).

Due to the way the earth is moving from west to east, due to this centrifuge force means centrifuge force. For this reason, it extends from the middle, ie near the equator and its radius is increased here.

Despite all these differences, the central point of any region will be the same on any area of ​​the earth in a straight line.

As if you are at the equator, the center of the Earth will be 6378.137 kilometers under your feet and if you are at the North or South Pole, the Earth’s center will be 6356.752 kilometers below you.

If you are somewhere else, then you will be at the center of the Earth at 6371 km and this truth is one for the whole world and not just for the Chidambaram temple.

Earth’s magnetic equator

Another claim is being made about the Nataraja temple that it is situated in the middle of the magnetic equator.

Earth’s magnetic field spans several thousand kilometers which also goes to space. It originates from the inner part of the earth which is the center of the earth. This means that the Chidambaram temple cannot be located at the center of the magnetic field. This is also fake news.

But is the temple located at the center of the magnetic equator?

Doctor TV Venkateswaran, a senior scientist at the Science Extension Association of the Government of India, told the media, “The Earth’s magnetic field exists as the Northern Magnetic Field and the Southern Magnetic Field. The Earth’s North Magnetic Pole meets the South Pole and the South The magnetic pole comes from the North Pole. When you go from the South Pole to the North Pole or so on, the distance between the two magnetic poles will be the same in a line. This is called the Earth’s magnetic equator. “

“But like the geographic equator, it is not a straight line. Due to the particles emanating from the sun, it fluctuates in the range of 10-15 kilometers.”

“This magnetic equator passes through Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, the magnetic observatory of the Indian Institute of Geosciences, Mumbai,” says Venkateswaran.

The magnetic equator is an imaginary line on Earth that is spherical and cannot have a central point.

In the case of Chidambaram temple, it is claimed that the magnetic equator passes near it while it is 400 km from Chidambaram.


  1. Nice article. Some of the well known guru have also said that Chidambaram is in the center of equator. I think they should check their facts first so their followers wont be disappointed later on with those statements.


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