The Wisdom of Chanakya – How to Uphold Dignity and Self-Respect

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Acharya Chanakya was an ancient Indian philosopher, economist, and skilled politician who authored the famous treatise, Arthashastra. In his book Chanakya Niti, he shares valuable information that is useful to society. Chanakya’s teachings offer insights on how to lead a successful and fulfilling life by upholding dignity and self-respect.

In this article, we will explore four important teachings of Chanakya that can help us to maintain our dignity and self-respect.

Never Tolerate Insult

According to Chanakya, no one should tolerate insult. He believes that insult is more harmful than drinking poison. If someone is being insulted, they should not remain silent. Although there may be situations where it is not possible to respond to an insult immediately, Chanakya advises against keeping quiet for too long. If you don’t take action, the feeling of sadness and disappointment will only grow.

Prioritize Self-Respect

Chanakya suggests that it is better to speak up for yourself and risk offending others than to hide behind self-respect. He believes that living with a hidden self-respect is like suffocating to death. It is essential to prioritize your self-respect and speak up when necessary.

Don’t Ignore Repeated Insults

If someone insults you once, you can ignore it, but if they do it repeatedly, you must take action. According to Chanakya, tolerating repeated insults leads to a decrease in your status in society. People start to look down on you, and your dignity may be ruined. Therefore, it is crucial to address the issue and stop the person from continuing to insult you.

Do Not Ignore Shame

Chanakya advises that one should never ignore shame or make the mistake of tolerating it. Ignoring shame can ruin your dignity, and those who prioritize respect must respond appropriately to the insult. It is essential to understand the value of your dignity and act accordingly.


Chanakya’s teachings on dignity and self-respect are timeless and relevant even today. By following his advice, we can lead a fulfilling and successful life. It is crucial to prioritize our self-respect and not tolerate insults. We must take appropriate action if we face repeated insults and always act with dignity and respect. By following Chanakya’s teachings, we can achieve our goals and make progress while maintaining our dignity and self-respect.


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