These 8 Bhagavad Gita teachings of Lord Krishna will surely change your life..!


In the Mahabharata war, seeing Arjuna distracted, Lord Krishna gave Arjuna knowledge of the Gita to continue on the path of duty. How did Lord Krishna inspire Arjuna to save the world and religion..? How does the essence of the Bhagavad Gita affect our life..?

The Mahabharata War was about to begin. The armies of Kauravas and Pandavas were facing each other in the field of Kurukshetra. At this point, when Arjuna saw his own brothers before him, he became distraught and resolved not to shed his own brothers’ blood for just a small piece of land.

At the same time, seeing Arjuna distracted, Lord Krishna gave Arjuna knowledge of the Gita to continue on the path of duty. This Gita knowledge is contained in 18 chapters of Bhishma Parva of Mahabharata with a total of 700 verses. The compositions of Bhagavad Gita are recognized by various religions of India, but once world famous scientist Albert Einstein admired this great book. It became very easy for them to know the universe and the things related to it. Let’s know in this article how Arjuna was inspired to save the world and protect religion. With this, let us try to know how it affects our life.

Important Points of Bhagavad Gita:

1. Get Out of Fear:
Why worry for no reason..? For what reason are you afraid..? Our soul is always free and immortal. Our soul has neither birth nor death.

2. Focus on the work:
Do the work, don’t worry about the fruits, the fruits of good deeds will surely come at the right time.

3. Surrender everything to God: Surrender
whatever you do to God, this life will always be free from worries and you will be able to attain true bliss.

4. This is the law of the world:

Change is the law of this world, everything that has happened is good, what is happening is good, and what happens is good.

5. Everything is mortal:
What have you lost to cry? What did you bring when you came to say you lost..? What you created, what you destroyed, what you took, took from here, what you gave from here. Today is yours, yesterday belongs to someone else, tomorrow belongs to someone else.

6. Accept the change:
Change is the law of the world. One moment you will be the owner of immense wealth, the next moment you will be poor.

7. Understand yourself:
The body is not yours, you do not belong to the body. All these fire, water, and air are made of sky and will one day merge with it. The soul is immortal, so what and who are you…? Understand that.

8. This is the essence of life:
I, mine, I am big, you are small, everything is mine, I am the only one, and observe that we, ours, ours, all are big, all are small, who is not poor, who is not rich.

These above principles told by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita still increase the positive energy in man. Everyone should understand these and try to incorporate them into their life. Only then can one live a meaningful life.


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