Things to Remember While Keeping Gangajal at Home

Things to Remember While Keeping Gangajal at Home
Things to Remember While Keeping Gangajal at Home

Gangajal, the holy water of the Ganges River, holds immense reverence in Hinduism. It is believed to possess purifying qualities, capable of washing away sins and bestowing blessings. However, it is crucial to handle Gangajal with utmost respect and follow certain guidelines to maintain its sanctity. In this article, we will discuss four common mistakes that should be avoided when keeping Gangajal at home, along with essential tips on how to uphold its divine essence.

1. Choosing the Right Vessel for Gangajal:

The choice of container for storing Gangajal is significant in preserving its purity. It is essential to avoid using plastic bottles or containers for this sacred water. Instead, opt for vessels made of silver, copper, brass, or earthenware, as these materials are believed to be in harmony with the divine nature of Gangajal.

2. Selecting an Appropriate Location:

When deciding where to keep Gangajal at home, careful consideration should be given to the placement. It is considered auspicious to choose a clean and dimly lit area. Avoid exposing Gangajal to direct sunlight and refrain from storing it in the kitchen or near bathrooms. Respecting the divinity of Gangajal by providing a serene and dedicated space helps maintain its spiritual essence.

3. Emphasizing Cleanliness:

Maintaining cleanliness is of utmost importance when handling Gangajal. Ideally, place the Gangajal near the puja room or any sacred space designated for worship. However, ensure that the surroundings are always clean and free from dirt or impurities. By upholding cleanliness, you demonstrate reverence for the sanctity of Gangajal.

4. Abstaining from Tamasik Influences:

To uphold the purity of Gangajal, it is essential to refrain from engaging with tamasik (impure) elements in its vicinity. Avoid consuming or preparing meat, alcohol, or any tamasik food in the area where Gangajal is stored. This practice showcases respect for the divine nature of Gangajal and helps maintain its sanctity.

Gangajal, the holy water of the Ganges River, is regarded as a source of spiritual purification in Hinduism. Keeping Gangajal at home signifies the presence of divine blessings. By avoiding the aforementioned mistakes and following the recommended guidelines, you can ensure the preservation of Gangajal’s sanctity and receive its abundant blessings. Treat Gangajal with the reverence it deserves, and it will continue to purify your life and bring forth spiritual harmony.


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