Thyagaraja Temple, Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu

Thyagaraja Temple, Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu
Photograph courtesy: Srinivasan G/Creative Commons

Thyagaraja Temple is a dedicated to Lord Shiva temple, who worshipped as Vanmiganathar and is represented by the lingam. The main idol of worship is Lord Thiyagarajar, depicted as a Somaskanda form. His consort Parvathi is depicted as Kondi.  Located in the town of Thiruvarur in Tamil Nadu, this temple is one of the most ancient heritage sites in India. The presiding deity is revered in the 7th century Tamil Saiva literary work Thevaram.

History of the Thyagaraja Temple

According to legend, a Chola king named Muchukunda obtained a boon from Indra (a celestial deity) and wished to receive an image of Thyagaraja Swamy (presiding deity, Shiva in the temple) reposing on the chest of reclining Lord Vishnu. Indra tried to misguide the king and had six other images made, but the king chose the right image at Tiruvarur.

Thyagaraja Temple, Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu
Photograph courtesy: Aanmeegam/Creative Commons

Architecture of the Thyagaraja Temple

The temple complex covers 30 acres, and is one of the largest in India. The temple has 9 gopurams, 80 vimanas, 12 temple walls, 13 halls, 15 large temple water bodies, 3 gardens, 3 large precincts and 365 Shiva Lingas , 100 Shirnes, 86 Vinayaka idols. The eastern 7-tier gopuram is the major gopuram of the temple – a height of 118 ft.

 The temple is believed to have been initiated with a large complex by the Pallavas during the 7th century. The present structure was built during the Chola dynasty in the 9th century, while later expansions were made by Vijayanagar rulers of the Sangama Dynasty (1336–1485 CE), the Saluva Dynasty and the Tuluva Dynasty (1491–1570 CE).

Thyagaraja Temple Opening Time

Temple is opened from 5.00 A.M. to 12.00 A.M. in the Morning and 4.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M. in the Evening.

Pooja Timings:

Temple performs Six times pooja during a day.

  • Ushathkala Pooja at 05.30 A.M
  • Kalasandhi Pooja  at 09.00 A.M
  • Uchikkalam Pooja at 12.00 P.M
  • Sayaratchai Pooja at 06.00 P.M
  • Irandamkala Pooja at 07.00 P.M
  • Ardha Jama Pooja at 08.45 P.M

Thyagaraja Temple Festivals

Chariot festival is the largest festival celebrated during Tamil month of Chitrai (April – May), where lakhs of people is attending from all over Tamil Nadu.

Other major festivals are 

  • Margazhi Tiruvadhirai in December-January,
  • Lord Thiagesar granting His Feet darshan – Pada Darshan;
  • 10 day Panguni Uthiraim in March-April with the flag hoisting on the Hastha Star Day of the previous Tamil month Masi,
  • Car festival on the 10th day with the significance of the darshan granted to sage Vyakrapada;
  • 10 day Aadi Pooram in July-August;
  • The Bhoodha Ganas carrying paddy bags to Saint Sundararar on Masi Magam Day in February-March; Chithiria festival in April-May are the important festivals of the temple.

Besides the above, the Pradosha Puajas are devotionally performed drawing huge crowds.  Deepavali, Pongal the Makar Sankranthi, Tamil and English New Year days are also observed with special pujas.

Thyagaraja Temple, Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu
Photograph courtesy: Srinivasan G/Creative Commons

How to reach the Thyagaraja Temple

By Air

The nearest Airport is Trichy Airport at 110 km away.

By Rail

The nearest Railway Station Thiruvarur Railway Station is 2 km away.

By Bus

Thiruvarur is well connected by bus services with other major cities in South India.


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