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Udupi Sri Krishna Matha


UDUPI, SRI KRISHNA MUTT Udupi, is south India’s holiest Vaishnavite coastal town in Karnataka, is located 381kms from the capital Bangalore. Udupi is a new district formed separated from Dakshina Kannada district (South Canara) in 1997. The urban focus of Udupi is an open Square surrounded by temples and mutts. Udupi is the birthplace of the 12th-century saint Madhava, who set up eight sanyasi mutts in the town and is one of Karnataka’s most important pilgrimage sites. Udupi is also known for its delicious cuisine and Udupi restaurants all over the country.

Udupi Sri Krishna Temple

This city is identified with the famous Hindu saint Madhwacharya, who was born here (1238 -1317). Madhwacharya was the founder of the Dwaitha philosophy. He established the ashta (eight) Mutts at Udupi and is one of the Mokshapuris, who taught here 700 years ago. Udupi is most famous temple of Shri Krishna and Paryaya festival celebrated here with great zeal and enthusiasm. Udupi is a small district yet it attracts devotees from every nook and corner. Every day devotees in large number come and have Darshan of Sri Krishna. Being it is a holy kshetra, the surrounding place, nature, and people everything is gentle and superb. It is a unique place. Hence it is popular. The main entrance to temple is on the southern side. If we come by this way, we see on the right side’ a tank called ‘Madhva Pushkarani’. It is fully covered by stone steps. And at the centre of this, there is ‘Mantapam’. Actually there is no front door to this temple. At the very outside through one window devotees may take Darshan of Lord Sri Krishna. One idol is clearly visible from outside. Here we can see ‘Gopurami – which is just in front of this window.

The Nine Planet’s Window (NavagrahaKindi) is so called because it has nine tiny holes through which the devotees have Darshana of the Sri Krishna idol. It has ten holy incarnations of Vishnu(Dashavafara)embossed all around right through the nine square holes of the Navagraha Kindi. At a distance of about twenty feet inside is the unique and most beautiful saligrama(ammonite fossil)idol of Sri Krishna in the form of a child. It is about twenty inches tall and is in itself free from any ornamental details. It has around and smiling face. This holy idol of Srikrishna can be seen by devotees only through the NavagrihaKindi.

Places to Visit:

•Sri Krishna temple

•Chandamouleeswara temple

•Anantheshwara temple

•Malpe Beach

•St. Mary’s Island

•Sri Mahalingeshwara Mahaganapathi Temple, Padubidri



•Manipal: 3 kms from Udupi, is a centre of modern learning with well-known medical and engineering colleges.

How to Reach

By Road

Bus ServiceUdupi is the city which is well connected to neighboring cities (Mangalore, Shimoga, etc) of Karnataka.

By Train

Train ServiceUdupi is well connected by Railways. Konkan Railway route passes through the district(Udupi) connecting major cities of India.

By Air

Flight ServiceThere is no airport in Udupi district.The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport located about 59.4 kms away from Udupi.

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