Vidur Neeti: How to save and manage money?

Vidur Niti says that life becomes blessed by serving these five, respect is received all around

A lot of Vidura’s messages are a lesson for life. The message of saving and managing money of Vidura, a great jnani who taught the people about the virtues, is still a reality.

Vidura was one of the greatest philosophers and guides of the Mahabharata period. It is also well known that Vidura made his own efforts to stop the war of the Kauravas and pandavas. However, this was not possible. Vidura was one of those who taught that everyone should walk the path of dharma. Like Acharya Chanakya Neeti, in Vidura Neeti too we can find many things for the welfare of human life. Vidura can also be seen giving his wonderful messages about managing money.

Need for money

Everyone needs money and wealth. That’s why everyone works. Making money is important in life. But, how we earn money and how we manage the money earned is equally important. Our scriptures say that the acquisition of money and wealth should be honest. Also, the elders say that it would be better if the money is managed in the right way. However, some people feel that no matter how much they earn, they don’t have money in their hands. Such a problem can arise if there is no proper money management and regulations. Thus. Everyone has to be honest and careful in managing money as well. Vidura’s message is also important in this regard.

Earn Honestly

Goddess Lakshmi is also known as Chanchala or fickle. Everyone knows that Goddess Lakshmi resides in a house where there is peace, happiness and cleanliness. We must be pure in order to embrace the Goddess of wealth. That is, whatever our earnings may be, it must have been earned in an honest way. There must be hard work and loyalty behind the money earned. Goddess Lakshmi comes forever through good deeds. This means that we have to earn money by doing things with hard work and sincerity.

Don’t be lazy

Laziness is the enemy of all. Laziness is also a big obstacle to the journey of achievement in life. This is also mention in Vidura’s Neeti. Everyone should leave laziness and concentrate on their karma. Work should be done with discretion. This leads to prosperity in human life. Money becomes beneficial when active work is done with a pure mind, honesty. It grows continuously with the investment of money and proper management of savings. You should be involved in the right way in the work of increasing the right income. It is also the policy of Vidura that wealth should never be handed over to a lazy person. A lazy person can never handle wealth. He wastes the wealth he had and is not serious about his work. Instead of today, he postpones his work to tomorrow. This will increase the cost of money, and without proper management will be a waste of money. This should not happen. It is also important to earn money in an honest way and manage it in an equally proper manner.

Spending in the right amount

As important as earning money is, it is equally important to spend it in the right way and in the right amount. It is not advisable to spend too much, spend extravagance, use it for unrighteous activities just because there is money. It is also very important to spend the money earned in the right amount. Don’t just think about today. A part of the money earned should also be kept for future use. This saving will help in times of distress. Thus, in addition to earning money in the right way, the lesson of accumulating wealth in the right way is also found in Vidura’s message. This means that one has to manage the income and expenditure wisely.


This is also an important factor. It is also very important and necessary to have mental, physical and ideological restraint for saving money along with earning money. Money should not be misused in order to satisfy happiness and hobbies. It also spoils the peace. Indiscriminate spending can lead to poverty. Thus, it is very important to spend money only on the needs of the house and family. No one gets rich just by earning. You have to be rich in happiness and happiness. By sharing love, friendship, hardships and joys with your family, you will be able to save money while living a contented life.



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