Vidur Neeti says these 3 things should be avoided to achieve success

do you know which 3 mistakes we should not make..? Vidura wants everyone to renounce these three qualities.

Mahatma Vidura, a renowned scholar of the Mahabharata era, was famous for his shrewd and keen intelligence and foresight. He was an expert in politics and a follower of dharma and justice. His words and teachings are still relevant today and are an inspiration for leading a meaningful life.

One of Vidura’s principles is that a person’s life is only perfect when there is a goal in life. He also mentions the things that can hinder our progress and cause us to fail. In his Vidura Neeti, Vidura advises us to stay away from three things that can prevent us from achieving success.

Firstly, Vidura highlights the dangers of laziness. He believes that laziness is the biggest hindrance to a person’s development, and a lazy person can never achieve their goals. Laziness often causes people to put off their work until later, resulting in a loss of time and opportunities. Thus, Vidura advises us to stay away from laziness if we want to achieve progress in our lives.

Secondly, Vidura warns us against being overly dependent on God. While having faith in God is essential, putting all the burden on God and sitting idle is pointless. According to Vidura, God helps those who help themselves. Those who rely solely on God often face problems in their lives.

Lastly, Vidura cautions us against excessive desire. Those who want to achieve more with less effort usually live a life of ease, and they never achieve their goals. They are always seeking shortcuts, which only leads to more problems instead of success.

In conclusion, Vidura’s principles are as relevant today as they were then. If we want to achieve success in life, we must give up these three habits: laziness, excessive reliance on God, and excessive desire. Vidura’s teachings remind us that success requires hard work, dedication, and a clear goal in life.


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