Vidura Neeti: Four Principles for Financial Success

Vidur Neeti: Mahatma Vidur's moral teachings
Vidur Neeti: Mahatma Vidur's moral teachings

Money is an integral part of our lives, and without it, our existence can seem meaningless. This is where Vidura Neeti comes in, which provides us with essential principles to tackle every stage of life. Vidura emphasizes that we must earn money, save it and manage it wisely. In this article, we will explore the four principles of Vidura that can help us prosper financially.

Earn Money through Good Deeds

According to Vidura, the first principle to earn money is through hard work and honest deeds. By doing good deeds, we can seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, who is the deity of wealth and prosperity. It is crucial to remember that earning money through unethical means will not bring long-term success and happiness. Instead, it will lead to negative consequences and a guilty conscience. Therefore, it is essential to earn money through honest and ethical means.

Invest and Save Money

The second principle of Vidura is to invest and save our money wisely. By investing our money in the right avenues, we can increase our wealth over time. It is crucial to research and understand the risks associated with various investment options and choose the right one accordingly. Additionally, we must save a portion of our income regularly to build a safety net for the future.

Spend Money Wisely

The third principle of Vidura is to spend our money wisely. By taking care of our expenses and avoiding unnecessary expenditures, we can save money and build our wealth. We must prioritize our needs and spend money accordingly. Moreover, we must avoid taking on debt for frivolous expenses, as it can lead to financial troubles in the long run.

Practice Restraint

The fourth and final principle of Vidura is restraint. We must practice self-control and avoid impulsive spending on unnecessary things. Vidura advises us to spend money only on household and family needs, rather than fulfilling our desires for hobbies and other luxuries. By maintaining mental, physical, and ideological restraint, we can avoid overspending and save more money.


In conclusion, Vidura Neeti provides us with invaluable principles for financial success. By following these principles, we can earn, save, and manage our money wisely. It is crucial to remember that wealth is not just about money, but also about happiness, love, and brotherhood. Therefore, we must strive to create a balanced and fulfilling life, where wealth is just one aspect of it.


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