Vidura says leave these 2 habits to progress in life

Vidur Niti says that life becomes blessed by serving these five, respect is received all around

According to Vidura neeti, a person who has these defects in his life will not have success or progress in any work. From diplomacy, war policy to finer details of politics, you can read it to know Vidura policy. Among the scholars of the Mahabharata era, Vidura is also named. Vidura mentioned many things in his principles to make life easy and simple. Therefore Mahatma Vidura’s principles are suitable for implementation in people’s lives even in Kaliyuga. Mahatma Vidura’s teachings are considered relevant even today.

Mahatma Vidura was very intelligent and his teachings are still relevant today. Mahatma Vidura’s father was sage Vedavyasa, who was born from the womb of a maid. Despite his many qualities, the biggest reason why he could not become the king of Hastinapur was his birth. Vidur was made Principal Secretary of Hastinapur. His thinking was very visionary. The dialogue between Vidura and Dhritarashtra is known as Vidura Neeti.

Vidura in his neeti has mentions some of the shortcomings in person. Due to these shortcomings, he or she will not be able to achieve goal or success in any work. According to Vidura, do you know what are the shortcomings that can be detrimental to a person’s success?


These shortcomings will come in the way of a person’s success. In such a situation, people should definitely improve or give up on these habits. According to Mahatma Vidura this is the first defect of man. According to Vidura, if there is laziness within a man, he can never achieve his goal. Lazily postpones what he does today to tomorrow which brings immense loss to that person. It is for this reason that Mahatma Vidura has called laziness the greatest enemy of man.

Vidura neeti, a person who loves his sleep may miss many opportunities in the future, so if you want to be successful in life, you should give up your excessive sleeping habit. Get as much sleep as you want. But don’t sleep longer than necessary.

According to Mahatma Vidura, people who sleep for long periods of time can never progress in life, they are surrounded by simple failure. According to Mahatma Vidura, a man should always rely on his karma and not always on God, whoever helps himself is helped by God. So instead of putting a burden on God, if we put a burden on our karma, the door to success can open.

As Vidura says in his Vidura Principles, one who removes the above bad habits or practices from his life, that person will be on the path to success. The path of improvement opens up in his life.


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