Vidura says without these qualities one can be happy for life

do you know which 3 mistakes we should not make..? Vidura wants everyone to renounce these three qualities.

The qualities we have can sometimes prevent us from experiencing happiness and may even shorten our lifespan. To attain inner peace and longevity, it’s essential to cultivate purity both within and without.

Our qualities determine the future of our lives and our behavior effects our respect, status, and success. Those who prioritize honesty and hard work often lead fulfilling and joyful lives, possessing the strength to tackle challenges with courage. By letting go of negative traits, we can cultivate happiness for the rest of our existence. We see such aspects in the principles of Mahatma Vidura.

Mahatma Vidura was wise, truthful, benefactor of all, who followed the path of Dharma. Vidura ranks foremost among the prominent figures of the Mahabharata period. There was no one who could challenge Vidura’s words. Vidur had the power to be so fair, take decisions in the interest of all, speak the truth boldly and convince people. So Bhishma, Drona, Dhritarashtra and the Pandavas were all listening to Vidura. Vidura is very beloved to Lord Krishna. Everyone knows that Vidur has attracted attention for his ethics. Vidura’s ethics contain messages that inculcate the values ​​of life. Vidura also says that by leaving behind these qualities one will be happy and long-lived, which is also a inspiration for everyone’s life.

Don’t be fooled by praise

Those who seek praise or think themselves more intelligent may not always be happy. Most people don’t want to hear the hard truth. It is also true that not hearing these hard truths makes life more difficult. Thus, Vidura says that one should give up the quality of wanting to hear praise. It is also common for those who want to hear praises to be quickly deceived. There are many people who take advantage of on this quality of theirs and make a profit. Also, such people look down on those in front of them. They think they are the best. It can also consume their joy in life.

Beware of speech

According to Mahatma Vidura, everyone should be aware of their words. Those who talk too much can sometimes say things they shouldn’t have said or hurt others in words. They can get into trouble with their words. Such people may have to suffer for the rest of their lives because of their wrong words. Therefore, it is very important to speak thoughtfully. If you analyse right and wrong in the right way, there will be no problem.

Bad feelings should be avoided

Vidura says it’s important to get rid of negative emotions and have a positive mindset. This leads to a good reputation and a better society. Negative feelings can make you unhappy and shorten your life. A good society is created through friendship and willingness to help others. If everyone stops caring for each other, chaos will result. This is a key message from Vidura.


Vidura warns that even greed can reduce one’s lifespan. Greed can destroy happiness and lead to a ruined life. He encourages living with integrity and respect, striving for a clean life, rather than greed. Greed and selfishness are seen as the greatest obstacles to happiness, and Vidura encourages giving them up. He spoke this to the Kauravas, who were at war with the Pandavas. Vidura had told Dhritarashtra that the Pandavas, who were on the path of truth, could not be conquered, and that the Kaurava dynasty would be destroyed by the greed of your children. Duryodhana, driven by jealousy, hatred and greed, ignored Vidura’s advice and as a result, his actions ultimately led to the downfall of the Kaurava dynasty.


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