What are the 5 ideas that Youth should Stay Away from?

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Youth is the backbone of society. It is said that if they walk on the right path, society will also walk on the right path. Acharya Chanakya also said this. According to Acharya Chanakya, what are the 5 ideas that youth should stay away from?

According to Chanakya, youth depends on life, family, society and job. In such a situation, Chanakya said in the ethos that the youth should always stay away from 5 main things, otherwise life becomes poison.

5 things that young people should avoid.

Drug addiction

Most of the crimes in this country are committed by alcoholics. There may be many people around you who are suffering from bad addictions or they may even be your friends. Connecting with someone who is addicted to drugs can cause us to adopt those habits too. You may have to dedicate many years of your life and spend money to get rid of this bad habit. Family members and society all have to complain about alcohol addicts. This can damage physical and mental health. Drug addiction drives the youth to do wrong things. And they bring their relatives into trouble with them. Chanakya tells him to stay away from them.

Bad company

It is better to avoid friends who talk softly in front of you and spoil your work behind your back. Chanakya says that a friend is like a vessel, the upper part of which is filled with milk and the rest of it may contain poison. Chanakya said in his Nithi that association plays an important role in human life. While the company of good people can take you on the path to success, sitting in the midst of bad people will fill your life with miseries. That is why every person should choose the right one wisely.

Let go of laziness

According to Chanakya, laziness is an obstacle to a person’s progress. Being lazy in any work not only wastes time but also hinders your success. Young people should give up laziness and be active and do all work with discipline so that the enemy like laziness does not hinder their progress.


Young people should shun such an attitude as lust, as it not only hinders progress but also has the potential to ruin a life. It affects life negatively and spoils the present and future. So youth should maintain balance in life by staying with good thoughts.


Due to the loss of consciousness in passion, one has to feel the loss many times. Do not be careless in doing any work. Sometimes carelessness is too heavy in life. For that, they have to suffer the consequences. According to Chanakya, before doing any work, definitely consult an experienced person and do the work carefully. Chanakya’s statement is that carelessness is not conducive to our progress.


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