What Chanakya Neeti says about the qualities of a wise person

Thoughts By Chanakya To Achieve Success!

Chanakya, the famous Indian philosopher, economist, and politician, is known for his teachings on various subjects such as politics, warfare, medicine, and astrology. His book Arthashastra, which he wrote during the Mauryan Empire, is considered a cornerstone of Indian political science. Among his teachings, Chanakya emphasized the qualities that a wise person must possess. In this article, we will explore the essential qualities of a wise person according to Chanakya’s Neeti.

Respect for Elders:

According to Chanakya, a wise person is someone who respects and follows the words of their elders. They understand that elders have more experience and knowledge and can provide valuable guidance. They do not criticize or look down upon elders, but rather seek their blessings and advice. A wise person understands the importance of respecting the wisdom that comes with age.

The Right Decision:

Chanakya believed that a wise person is someone who has the courage to pursue their goals and make the right decisions at the right time. They do not hesitate or procrastinate but act quickly and decisively. They possess a deep understanding of the consequences of their actions and choose the path that leads to success. They do not get distracted by short-term gains or losses but keep their focus on their long-term goals.


Chanakya emphasized the importance of teamwork in his Neeti. He believed that a wise person is someone who understands the power of working with others to achieve a common goal. They recognize that every person has their own strengths and weaknesses and can contribute to the team in their unique way. They are not afraid to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others and trust them to perform their duties efficiently.

Reasoning Ability:

Chanakya believed that a wise person possesses strong reasoning ability. They are capable of analyzing situations objectively and making rational decisions based on facts and evidence. They do not let their emotions cloud their judgment but make decisions based on logic and reason. They have a keen intellect and are not intimidated by challenges or complex problems.

Finally, Chanakya advises that a wise person should not give unsolicited advice to others. They understand that people may not value advice that is freely given and may not take it seriously. They offer their guidance and suggestions only when asked and avoid imposing their views on others.


In summary, Chanakya’s Neeti highlights the essential qualities of a wise person: respect for elders, the ability to make the right decision, teamwork, and reasoning ability. These qualities are critical for success in life and can guide us to become better individuals. By following Chanakya’s teachings, we can become wiser and achieve our goals with confidence and determination.


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