What is Chanakya neeti to identify the right friend?

Thoughts By Chanakya To Achieve Success!

According to Chanakya, it is always better to know a person about little bit before we want to make friendship. According to Chanakya, how do we identify the right friend? How do we know whether our friends are good or bad? Don’t make this mistake in terms of friendship.

According to Chanakya, a good or true friend is a precious asset of life. For a person who does not have friends, life begins to be wasted. Everyone needs friends in life, but how do you identify who your right friend or friends are? Do you live as friends with your enemies? If this happens, your life will be ruined, says Chanakya.

Beware of this friend:

It is better to let go of the friend who talks politely in front of you and spoils your work behind your back.  Chanakya said, such a friend is like a pot with milk on top but poison inside. So, never make friends with those who speak politely in front of you and wish evil behind your back.

Important for family happiness:

To be happy in a home, the children of that home should get well with all the family members. It is the duty of parents to bring up their children well. Also it is very important to have a trust between each family member. Even a girl who is married to that family should also share in the happiness and sorrows of that family.

Friendship with such people is good:

If someone in your family is sick and then a friend stands together with you, understand that he is your true friend. Secondly, if you are surrounded by any trouble or the enemy surrounds you, if a friend helps you in such a crisis, understand that he is a true friend. Thirdly, if your friend supports you in any important work, he is your true friend. Chanakya says that a true friend is the one who cooperates in taking him to the graveyard even in death. He says that we should make friends with such people.

Don’t think of these people as your friends:

A true friend is a person who does not share important secrets of your life or private matters of your life with others. If you make a friend who confides your private affairs to others, he may disrespect you or get you into serious trouble. A person who reveals a secret about you to others is not considered your friend.

You should be very careful while identifying your friends. Otherwise there will be more occasions when they will ruin your life. Chanakya says that one should not be able to be with the enemies by keeping them close as friends.


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