Why say Swaha after chanting the Mantra in Homa – Havan..?

You may have heard the word Swaha chanted during Homa or Havan in Hinduism. But, why say Swaha after chanting the Mantra in Homa - Havan..? What is the meaning of Swaha? The legends related to the word Swaha are as follows.

Havan tradition has been practised in our country for a long time. In Hinduism, every auspicious occasion has the rule of Homa – Havan. It is believed that one should remember God before doing any auspicious work, only then the work will be successful. While performing Havan, the word Swaha is compulsorily uttered after the mantra. Only after that, the sacrifice is performed. But have you ever wondered why the word Swaha is pronounced in every yajna and why it should be said..? What is the story behind it..? If you don’t know then find out through this article.

1. What is the meaning of Swaha.?
Whenever Havan is performed, the Havan material is offered to the Havan Kunda by chanting Swaha. Swaha means delivery in the right way. It is believed that no Yajna is successful until the Havan is accepted by the deities. Such a wish is said to be accepted by the deities only when it is offered through Swaha to Agni.

2. There are many legends about saying Swaha during Havan. Some of those stories are mentioned here:
– Remembering the wife of Agnidev:

According to the first story, Swaha was the daughter of King Daksha who was married to Agnidev. That is why when he offers something in the fire, he remembers his wife together. By chanting Swaha while doing Havan, Lord Agni accepts the things we offer to Agni. If Agni Deva wants to accept the things we offer in the Havan, we should recite Swaha. 

– Sada Swaha with Agnidev:
According to another story, once the deva came to meet the demigods. He began to feel the scarcity of food and drink. To avoid this difficult situation, Lord Brahma suggested a solution that food should be delivered to the deities by the Brahmins on earth. For this he chose Agnideva. At that time Lord Agni did not have the power to consume bhasma, hence Swaha was born. Swaha was ordered to stay with Agnideva. After this, whenever anything was offered to Agnidev, Swaha would consume it and make it reach the deities. Since then till now Swaha is always with Agnidev.

– All things will be dedicated to Swaha:
According to the third story, Swaha originated as an art of nature. Lord Krishna has blessed Swaha that any object that the deities can accept will not reach the deities without offering it to Swaha. This is one of the reasons why the word Swaha is recited during Havan.

– Yajna will not be complete:
According to astrology, no Yagya will be complete until the deity is eclipsed by Havan. It is believed that when offering things to the Gods and Deities in Agni, only when Swaha is said, the Deities will accept the Havan Samagri.

By using the word Swaha in Homa – Havan, the things we offer to the Gods in Homa reach directly to God. Yes, it is a way of paying respect to the gods.


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