You Should Know The Relationship Between Onion And Lord Krishna

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Onion is also known as Krishnawal. Onion is said to be associated with Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu. What is the reason onion is called Krishnawal..? What is the relationship between onion and Lord Krishna and Lord Vishnu..?

Onion is also known as Kanda in rural areas. In English, it is called Onion. Usually, onion is the first thing that comes to our mind when it comes to spices or foods. But it is surprising that the word onion is associated with the name of Lord Krishna.

Onions used in sambar or other food items are called krishnawal in Sanskrit. At present, the word Krishnawal is not often used. There is a secret behind what Krishnawal says about onions. Let’s know why onions are called Krishnawal through this article.. ‘ If you do these 5 things without missing the

1. Onion is called Krishnawal here:
In South India, especially in the rural areas of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, onion is still called Krishnawal. At present, the onion is called Krishnawal only in these two regions.

2. Conch and Chakra:
An onion called Krishnawal means that when we cut the onion vertically, it takes the shape of a conch. Similarly, when we cut an onion horizontally, it takes the shape of a circular wheel.

3. Symbolism of Lord Krishna’s Weapons:
It is known to us that both the conch and the wheel are associated with the weapons of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Hari Vishnu. Hence onion is called Krishnawal.

4. Krishnawal is formed from two words:
Onion is called Krishnawal because Lord Krishna holds a conch and wheel in his hands. The word Krishnawal is formed by combining the words, Krishna and Zone.

5. Onion resembling Vishnu’s Padma:
This is not the only reason behind the onion being called Krishnawal. There are many other reasons. If you hold an onion with its leaves upside down, it also takes the form of a Padma. It is interesting that the Padma means lotus shape. Gada and Padma are worn by Vishnu along with Chakra and Conch.

of the children, even if they forget them, it is for the above reasons that an onion is called Krishnawal in Sanskrit. The meaning of this word is that onion is a form of Krishna or Vishnu.


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