You will not know about these 5 secrets related to Lord Shiva

Learn This Big Secret Related To The Birth Of Lord Shiva, How Bholenath Was Born

Lord Shiva Puja: It is believed that in order to please Lord Shiva, one should worship Lord Shiva on Monday morning by taking a bath in the morning.

Lord Shiva Puja: The day of Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In such a situation, it is said that if Lord Shiva is worshipped with the right heart on Monday, then all the troubles get rid of and all the wishes are fulfilled. Shiva always blesses his devotees. It is believed that in order to please Lord Shiva, one should worship Lord Shiva on Monday morning by taking a bath. It is believed that on this day, all wishes are fulfilled by worshipping the innocent God with a sincere heart. There are many such things related to Lord Shiva that you may not know. Let us tell you about the 5 such secrets of Shiva.

Shiva under the feet of Maa Kali

Lord Shiva was also smiling under the feet of Maa Kali. Lord Shiva is a symbol of anger and fierceness yet he is in the most benevolent form. Why so? Let’s tell the secret behind this. Once the black mother was in a very angry state. No gods, demons and humans were able to stop them. Then everyone collectively remembered Lord Shiva to stop Mother Kali. At that time, wherever superpowers were stepping in, there was sure to be destruction. Then Lord Shiva realized that he was not able to stop the superpower. After this, Lord Shiva chose an emotional path and reached out to stop them.

Bholenath lay in the path of mother Kali. When mother Kali reached there, she did not notice that Lord Shiva was lying there and she set foot on Shiva’s chest. Till now, wherever the superpower had stepped, everything was over. But there was an exception here. As soon as Mother Kali saw that Lord Shiva had her foot on her chest, her anger subsided and she started to repent.

Maa Parvati had taken the exam

Do you know that Lord Shiva had taken the test of Maa Parvati . It is said that before marrying Parvati Maa, Lord Shiva thought of taking her test. Bholenath took the form of a Brahmin and reached Parvati ji. He asked Parvati’s mother why she wanted to marry a beggar like Lord Shiva who has nothing. Hearing this, Parvati’s mother became angry. She said that she will not marry anyone other than Shiva. Lord Shiva was pleased with his answer. He came out in his true form and agreed to marry Parvati.

Why does Shiva incinerate the whole body

Lord Shiva is consumed on the whole body. Shiva devotees apply tilak of Bhasma on the forehead. A very interesting story is found in this connection in Shiva Purana. There was a saint who had become powerful by doing a lot of penance. He used to eat only fruits and green leaves, hence his name was Prandad. Through his penance, that monk had established control over all the fauna of the forest. Once, he was cutting wood to repair his hut, then his finger was cut.

The monk saw that instead of bleeding from the finger, the juice of the plant was coming out. The monk felt that he had become so pious that his body was full of plant juice rather than blood. He was pleased about that, and he was filled with pride. Now the monk started considering himself as the most sacred person in the world. When Lord Shiva saw this, he assumed the form of an old man and reached there. Lord Shiva, disguised as an old man, asked the monk why he is so happy? The monk gave the reason Shiv Ji, knowing the whole thing, asked him that it is only the juice of plants and fruits, but when trees and plants are burnt, they also become ashes. In the end, only the ashes remain.

Taking the form of an old man, Shiva immediately cut off his finger and showed ashes. The monk realized that God himself was standing in front of him. The monk apologized for his ignorance. It is said that since then Lord Shiva began to incinerate his body so that his devotees always remember this fact. Do not ego physical beauty, but remember the ultimate truth.

Lord Shiva gave Sudarshan Chakra

The Sudarshan Chakra is always graceful in the hands of Lord Vishnu. According to the Puranas, it was Lord Shiva who gave this Sudarshan Chakra to Lord Vishnu. Once Lord Vishnu was worshipping Shiva. Lord Vishnu had laid thousands of lotuses to please Bholenath. Lord Shiva wanted to see how preparedness is in devotion to Lord Vishnu. So he picked up a lotus. Lord Vishnu, taking Sahasranama, was offering a lotus flower on the Shivling every time. When Vishnu was taking the 1000th name, he found that there is no flower left to offer on the Shivling. Then Lord Vishnu took out his eye and offered it to Shiva. Lord Vishnu has been called Kamalnayan, so instead of a lotus flower, he offered his eye.

story of Amarnath cave,

Amarnath cave is very important for the devotees of Lord Shiva. It is said that when Mother Parvati had asked Lord Shiva to tell her the secret of immortality, she left for a cave. On his way to the cave, he did many things. That is why the whole way to go to the cave is considered to be miraculous. In order to tell the secrets of Amarkatha, God left his son and vehicle at uninhabited places. All these places became shrines. According to mythology, Lord Shiva reached the cave via Pahalgam