How To Tame Your Brain And Attain Calmness


Srimad Bhagavatam, Mahatmyam, Chapter Two Sloka 4:

Satyadhithriyuge.In the three previous yugas – Krita, Thetra and Dwapara – wisdom and renunciation led to Mukti (liberation of the soul), but in Kali Yuga, only Bhakti is enough to attain Godhood.

Interpretation: Kali Yuga is often feared and, at times, despised. But the Yuga has a flip side. In earlier Yugas, munis and others had to do tough penance to realize God and attain Mukti or liberation of one’s soul. But in Kali Yuga, Bhakti is enough to attain Mukti. However, Bhakti is not just chanting of the name of the Lord or doing pujas. These are, of course, crucial steps to attain Bhakti. So do not give them up. Chanting of the name of God, hearing discourses, etc should lead you to the next step. So do not wait on the hump. Continue your journey. There will come a stage when true Bhakti would lead you to Karuna (sympathy or kindness) towards fellow humans and towards all living creatures; Bhakti should lead to the end of anger, jealousy, hatred, violence – in thoughts and deed. It is a process of cleansing one’s soul. Once the soul is cleansed, God steps in and the practitioner of Bhakti attains a unique state where he feels ‘Sarvam Brahma Mayam’ or godhood in everything one sees or interacts with. A blissful calmness grips one’s soul.

So what is soul? It is not the heart. The soul is a product of the brain. The thoughts from the brain fashions the soul. The human brain is fuel for the soul. You interact with the world around you through your thoughts. Thoughts lead to action. Bhakti leads to a blissful state of the mind (again thought process) and it is in this state that one feels the presence of God.

So, through true Bhakti, one’s thought process gets cleansed. One is not moved by pain or pleasure, praise or insult. You learn to keep a blissful equidistance to everything and everyone. This is what is enunciated in the Bhagwad Gita too.  

Sloka 5:

Itinischitya.In continuance of the need for Bhakti in Kaliyuga, the Supreme created you as a beautiful and attractive person in constant consonance with Sri Krishna.

Interpretation: Here Bhakti is described as beautiful and attractive. This again is a reference to one’s state of the mind when it becomes calm, serene and blissful. You become beautiful from within. And then, the world around you becomes beautiful as you are not attached to anything and see life as a manifestation of God. This is not an easy process; one needs to practice Bhakti in the true spirit. Bhakti can also be attained through ‘samsara’ or company of other Bhakts or attained souls.

Sloka 6:

Bhadanjaleem.Once, with folded hands, when you sought your duties from Sri Krishna, he said your sole duty was to rejuvenate my devotees in Kaliyuga.

Sage Narada To Bhakti: Wake Up And Focus On Krishna- Srimad Bhagavatam