About Us

Atma Nirvana, is a small attempt to share and explore the Hinduism. Here, we share information about Hindu Temples, Philosophy, Spiritual Master’s disclosure , and various other knowledge that is directly or indirectly related to the Religion.Atma Nirvana-Site Image
And also will try to include new ideas, new thoughts, new understandings with open receptive attitudes. By accepting the traditional values and belief system, here we will try to re align and re shuffle the shelf of consciousness. To come to a deeper and greater appreciation for life and happiness, understanding of Spirituality is a must.
Knowingly or Unknowingly we all have to deal with Religion and Spirituality. Call it God, The Creator, Mother Nature, Energy, Source, etc. We all have a unique perspective that we inherit from life experience and our own personal journey.
Atma Nirvana(Religion Blogs in India) is not a place for followers. Rather, this is a place for leaders. Leaders who realize that our world is lacking growth toward genuine spiritual openness. Let us experiment a cognitive awareness methodology, by exploring the possibility of digital platform. Expect all your Support for to build up a peaceful and happy World!