108 names of Lord Shiva

108 names of Lord Shiva
108 names of Lord Shiva

In Hindu tradition, Lord Shiva is often worshiped with devotion using various names that capture different aspects of his divine nature. The recitation of these 108 names, also known as “Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali,” is a common form of worship. Here is a list of 108 names of Lord Shiva along with their meanings:

1. Shiva: The Auspicious One

2. Maheshwara: The Great Lord

3. Shambhu: One who bestows prosperity

4. Pinakapati: The wielder of the divine bow Pinaka

5. Shashi Shekhar: Bearer of the Moon

6. Vamadeva: The Gentle One

7. Virupaksha: The One with Unusual Form

8. Kapardin: The One with Matted Hair

9. Nilalohita: Blue-Throated One

10. Shankara: Giver of Joy

11. Shoolin: The One who wields the trident

12. Shitikantha: Possessor of a White Throat

13. Vishwanatha: Lord of the Universe

14. Bhava: The Source of Everything

15. Sarveshwara: Lord of All

16. Tryambakam: The Three-Eyed One

17. Aja: Unborn

18. Bholenath: Innocent Lord

19. Mahadeva: Great God

20. Chandrapal: Protector of the Moon

21. Ishana: The Ruler

22. Pashupati: Lord of All Creatures

23. Umapati: Consort of Uma (Parvati)

24. Kailasapati: Lord of Mount Kailash

25. Gauripati: Consort of Gauri (Parvati)

26. Gangadhara: Bearer of the Ganges

27. Mrida: Gentle

28. Vrishavahana: Rider of the Bull

29. Girijapati: Consort of Girija (Parvati)

30. Jagadisha: Lord of the Universe

31. Mahayogi: The Great Yogi

32. Yogeshwara: Lord of Yoga

33. Avyaya: Imperishable

34. Trilochana: Three-Eyed Lord

35. Kamari: Wielder of the Bow

36. Madhava: The Sweet Lord

37. Anagha: Sinless

38. Bhooteshwara: Lord of All Beings

39. Chandraprabha: Radiant as the Moon

40. Mahanidhi: Great Storehouse

41. Vayuvegaya: Master of the Wind’s Speed

42. Triloka-natha: Lord of the Three Worlds

43. Trayi-vikrama: Conqueror of the Three Worlds

44. Pranava: The Sacred Om

45. Panchavaktra: Five-Faced Lord

46. Uma-Maheshwara: Consort of Uma (Parvati)

47. Chaturmukha: Four-Faced Lord

48. Uma-Shankara: Consort of Uma (Parvati)

49. Kshamin: Forgiving One

50. Tripurari: Enemy of the Demon Tripura

51. Tripurantaka: Destroyer of the Demon Tripura

52. Anishwara: Lord of All

53. Mukunda: Giver of Freedom

54. Ghanashyama: Dark as a Raincloud

55. Avyakta: Unmanifested

56. Shubhankara: Auspicious One

57. Shantaya: Embodiment of Peace

58. Har: The Remover of Sins

59. Mrityunjaya: Conqueror of Death

60. Tryamvaka: The Three-Eyed One

61. Vrishakapi: Lord of All Creatures

62. Sahasraksha: Thousand-Eyed Lord

63. Sahasramurti: Thousand-Formed Lord

64. Sahasrapada: Thousand-Footed Lord

65. Anekatma: Many-Souled Lord

66. Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram: Truth, Auspiciousness, Beauty

67. Parameshwara: Supreme Lord

68. Parvati-priya: Beloved of Parvati

69. Varada: The Bestower of Boons

70. Bhoota-natha: Lord of All Beings

71. Shambhavi: Consort of Shambhu (Shiva)

72. Sharva: The Archer

73. Vishalaksha: Wide-Eyed Lord

74. Bhava-bhaya-hari: Dispeller of the Fear of Birth and Death

75. Lingadhyaksha: Lord of the Linga

76. Mahesha: Supreme Lord

77. Bharga: Radiant One

78. Bhasma-anga-raja: One whose Body is Anointed with Ash

79. Sarvajna: All-Knowing Lord

80. Sarveshwaraya: Lord of All Lords

81. Shambhu: Self-Born

82. Shoolin: One who wields the Trident

83. Shrinatha: The Lord of Shri

84. Shrikanta: Beautiful One

85. Vrishabha-dhvaja: One who has a Bull as His Flag

86. Vedanta-krit: The Creator of the Vedanta

87. Vedavyasa: Interprete of Vedas

88. Trivikrama: Conqueror of the Three Worlds

89. Vaman: The Dwarf

90. Kapardi: The Lord with Matted Hair

91. Nilalohita: Blue-Throated Lord

92. Dhaneshwara: Lord of Wealth

93. Bhalanetra: One with an Eye on the Forehead

94. Bhooteshwara: Lord of All Beings

95. Prabhu: The Lord

96. Yajna: Lord of Sacrifices

97. Sarvadi: Lord of All

98. Vachaspati: Lord of Speech

99. Ameyatma: The Incomprehensible Soul

100. Sarvagya: Omniscient Lord

101. Ananta: Endless

102. Yogi: The Supreme Yogi

103. Vrajadhipa: Lord of Vraja

104. Vrajendra: King of Vraja

105. Vatsala: Affectionate

106. Ananta: The Infinite Lord

107. Shanta: The Peaceful One

108. Paramatma: Supreme Soul

The meanings provided here are interpretations of the names’ significance in the context of Lord Shiva’s attributes and qualities.


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