Are You Dealing With the Law of Karma?

Are You Dealing With the Law of Karma?

Do good deeds really influence your destiny? According to karmic law, yes.

A bit like Newton’s law, which says that what goes up comes down, the law of karma obeys the same principle.

Everything you need to know about karma

Karma is a mirror.

Karma is a very simple principle of cause and effect. According to the Buddhism and Hinduism religions, any action, whether good or bad, leads to another. Whatever you sow, you will receive. It is therefore better to sow honesty, generosity, and love!

Karma crosses time.

The law of karma is based on the principle of reincarnation. It does not obey only the present moment. Thus, all the actions taken in this life, but also in the previous ones, influence the course of the present and future existence. If you wonder what you did wrong to suffer a situation, maybe it is an action taken in another life?

Karma empowers the human being.

If everything that happens in your present life is the result of actions from the past, take a moment to look within. If necessary, you have to review your actions. Karma obliges human beings to take responsibility and thus, to take actions that have a positive impact.

Karma knows everything.

It is not just actions that are influenced by the law of karma. Karma responds to the dominant thoughts and emotions and intentions that dictate your lives. It’s logical: every action is first generated by thought, whether conscious or not, good or bad.

Karma is universal.

Karmic law obeys the universal law, according to which everything is interrelated. Its principle is that if you take positive actions, they are directed for the collective well-being and not just the individual.

Karma always responds.

It would be crazy to believe that karma has forgotten you. He always gives back when called upon, even if it can take a long time…a long time! This is why karma teaches patience and faith. Your good deeds will be rewarded, never fear.

Karma is determined.

Karma is determined to make you aware of habits or cycles that you need to deconstruct. If you have not assimilated a lesson he sent you, he will not hesitate to send it back to you in another form, until it is understood and assimilated.


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