Bala Murugan Temple, Siruvapuri, Tamil Nadu

Bala Murugan Temple, Siruvapuri
Bala Murugan Temple, Siruvapuri

Bala Murugan Temple’ is dedicated to Lord Murugan also known as Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.  The 500 years old temple is located at Siruvapuri, about 40 kms from Chennai on Chennai Kolkata highway. The temple is located about 3 km off the highway. It is believed that Lord Murugan here fulfills the wishes of all his true devotees and therefore the temple is visited by hundreds of people every day. The temple has a special place among devotees who want to buy a new house or property.

History of Arulmigu Sri Balasubrahmanyam Temple

The history of the temple tells that Lava and Kusa, the sons of Rama lived in this place. Once, when Rama was passing through this place, they fought a war with Rama himself without knowing that he was his father. Since little children were fighting a war here, the place was called Siruvar Por Puri. (Siruvar means children, Por Puri means waging a war, in Thamizh). This place is now called Chinnambedu, which was originally Siruvar Ambu Edu (children who took their arrows for the fight).

A few hundred years ago a lady named Murugammai lived in this village. She had been a ardent  devotee of Lord Muruga. She always used to chant His name and pray to Him, for years. Her husband, who didn’t like her worshiping all the time, warned her to stop doing it. But she never listened to him and her husband one day cut off her arms in anger. Even then, Murugammai asked for help only with Lord Muruga. The Lord, who was pleased with his bhakti, brought their hands together even without any signs of injury.

The presiding deity of the temple is of Lord Murugan standing tall at a height of 4.5 feet. Outside the sanctum sanctorum, a sculpture of peacock made with green emerald is also held to be religiously significant. A shrine in the temple complex, dedicated to Lord Murugan and his consort, Devi Valli depicted in wedlock, is visited by many devotees wishing to get married; praying here on the day of Poosam star is believed to be highly auspicious and fulfils the wish of marriage for all boys and girls.

Bala Murugan Temple, Siruvapuri
Bala Murugan Temple, Siruvapuri

Festival of Arulmigu Sri Balasubrahmanyam Temple

•  Karthikai

•  Sasti

•  Prathosam

•  Visakam

•  Amavasya

•  Chithirai Varuda Pirappu

•  Vaikasi Visakam

•  Aadi Guru Poojai

•  Deepali,Soora Samhaaram

•  Saraswathi Pooja,Ayudha Pooja

•  Karthikai Deepam

•  Margazhi Pooja

•  Thai Pongal Thiruvizha

•  Thaipoosam

•  Maha Shivaratri

•  Panguni Uthiram

Pooja Timings:

Pooja NamePooja Time
Kalasanthi Pooja7.00 A.M
UcchikKalam Pooja10.00 A.M
Sayarakchai5.00 P.M

How to reach the temple

By Air

Nearest Airport is Chennai International Airport.

By Rail

Nearest Railway Station is Ponneri, Katharpet, Periyapalayam.

By Bus

Nearest Bus Stand is Chinnambedu, nearly 1.6 KM it takes 15 min by walk. From Chennai Bus no. 133 runs from Madras Basin Bridge bus stand to the temple. Also, bus nos. 131, 131-A, 132, 133-A, alight at Agaram from where the temple is only one kilometer distance.


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