Lord Shiva Puja: Never make these mistakes while worshipping Shivalinga, Lord will be angry

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Lord Shiva Puja: If you have kept the Shiva linga at home, then keep in mind that the stream always remains under the Shivling otherwise it attracts negative energy.

Lord Shiva Puja: In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is considered to be the greatest of all Gods and Goddesses. It is also said that Lord Shiva runs the world. He is as naive as he is naive. According to scriptures, the day of Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva. In order to please Shiva, people fast and worship Shivling. But there is a special method of worshipping Shivalinga. If Shivalinga is not worshipped by that method, then Lord Shiva gets angry instead of being happy. According to Shivpuran, it is very important to know what not to do while worshipping Lord Shiva lingam. Let us tell you how to worship Shivalinga.

Do not offer basil

People believe that the worship remains incomplete until Tulsi is invoked on the idol of God. But when you worship Lord Shiva, do not do it accidentally. There is a reason behind this. The reason is that Tulsi is only poured into it while making offerings to Lord Krishna because Lord Krishna married Mata Tulsi. When you worship Shivalinga, keep in mind that you should offer it on the leaf of the vine.

If you are Shiva devotee then you will know that Lord Shiva was Aghori. Aghori is not the item that women use. Turmeric is used by women to enhance their beauty. Therefore, never offer turmeric to Shiva. Make Shivling with kumkum and ash.

Offer only milk of cow

if you are offering milk to Lord Shiva, then remember that only cow’s milk should be offered to them and that too fresh. Never offer packaged or stale milk to Lord Shiva. Do not offer buffalo milk on Shivling also.

Offer water to Shivalinga

Shiva is pleased by keeping the Shivalinga under the water stream. If you have kept the Shivling at home, then keep in mind that the stream always remains under the Shivling otherwise it attracts negative energy.


It is written in Shivpuran that Lord Shiva killed a demon named Shankhachhun, so one should never play a conch during his worship. If something is to be played during the puja then you can ring the damaru or the bell. God is pleased with the sound of both these instruments


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