Apart from Hanuman, they also had maces..!

Lord Hanuman

The mace is the main weapon of the Hindu deity Hanuman. In the epic Mahabharata, Bhimasena, Duryodhana, Jarasandha and other warriors also wielded the mace. Do you know who else had a mace except Hanuman?

A mace is a weapon made of wood or metal. It is used as a weapon. It has a spherical head at the front and is provided with a handle to hold it. Many deities in Hinduism have different types of weapons. For example, Shiva wields the trident, Vishnu the Sudarshan Chakra, and Indra the Vajrayudha. Other weapons include brahmastra, pashupatastra, nagapasha and agni astra. All these weapons are very deadly. Similarly, the mace is also a weapon and is the weapon of

Hanuman, the monkey god. Let us see in this article what are the 5 types of mace.

Hanuman mace

Mace is a weapon of Hanuman. According to popular iconography, Hanuman holds it in his right hand. It represents self-sovereignty, authority and power to rule. Mace is the main weapon of Hanuman. Hanuman carrying the mace on his shoulders signifies his power. Kubera gifted Hanuman with a powerful mace. The Ramayana makes many references to the power and authority of this mace. Even powerful gods like Bhima, Ravana and Saturn could not defeat it.


Kaumodaki is the weapon found in Vishnu’s lower left hand. Vishnu’s divine power and mental strength come from it. He used this weapon to purify our souls and free us from material bonds. It is omnipotent and has great power, which is impossible to defeat. The Vishnu Purana says that mace is the power of knowledge. Kaumodaki controls the mind. Sri Krishna had it. In the Mahabharata, the fire god Agni obtained the Kaumodaki mace from the sea god Varuna and gave it to Krishna to fight Indra and burn the Khandava forest. Kaumodaki is sometimes represented in sculptures of Vishnu as a woman named Gadadevi or Gadanari.

Bhima’s mace

Bhima is one of the five Pandava brothers of the Mahabharata. He was very strong. He was a disciple of Lord Balarama and excelled in the battle of Gada. But Bhima not only lost the mace many times but also broke it. He left his first mace at Varnavarta along with other weapons and then he got his black mace. After his return from the forest, the golden mace was restored. He then broke it in the Deuta meeting before losing to Shakuni. During the exile of the Pandavas, he got another mace, but Hanuman broke it. Bhima killed all his Kaurava cousins ​​with his mace. He also killed other warriors like Jarasandha, Keechaka, Kirmira, Bakasura, Hidimba, and Manimanta. Bhima is known as the best spearman.

Duryodhana’s mace

Like Bhima, Duryodhana was also strong and a skilled javelin wielder. Mace was his favourite weapon and he tried to fight with mace all his life. So he did not focus on other weapons. On the 18th day of the Kurukshetra war, bitter enemies Bhima and Duryodhana engaged in a mace fight near Dwaipayana lake. Although they were well matched, Bhima won the battle with Krishna’s help. This is one of the most gripping battles between two warriors in Hindu mythology.

Ganesha’s mace

Ganesha is usually associated with an axe or Mahaparashu. But in some avatars, he is also seen carrying a mace. One of his names is Gadadhara, the wielder of the divine mace. Stories say that he destroyed many demons with his mace. Lord Ganesha has the power to overcome obstacles in our life. His mace is a sign that our past sins are chasing us. We can get rid of our sins by worshipping Lord Ganesha.


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