Chanakya Neeti: Parenting Advice to Avoid the Path of Old Age Home

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Following the teachings of eminent personalities in our personal growth and relationships is of utmost importance. Even for our children, imparting valuable knowledge and skills is crucial. Just as we strive to lead a fulfilling life and choose the right life partner by adhering to the principles of Chanakya, his teachings on parenting are equally significant. Notably, he authored treatises on moral conduct based on his life experiences. If we instill in our children the understanding of justice and injustice from a young age, they will never go astray. Many parents complain that their children become self-reliant and neglect them in their old age homes. Therefore, to ensure that our children grow up to be responsible individuals, it is essential to provide them with the right education from the very beginning. Numerous parents find themselves becoming adversaries to their own children.

Deprived of education:

Chanakya states that parents who do not pay attention to their children’s education become their enemies. Children who grow up under such circumstances are resented by everyone. This impact deeply affects the minds of the children. It is the duty of parents to ensure the proper education of their children.

Path Guide

According to Chanakya’s teachings, it is the responsibility of parents to guide their children on the right path from their childhood. Nurturing good behavior among them is essential. As Chanakya said, just as a seed is sown, so is the fruit.

Love and Affection

Chanakya emphasizes that children should not be given the freedom to act as they please. Parents should timely correct their mistakes and make them understand what is right and wrong.

Fulfilling Responsibilities

Chanakya’s teachings also highlight that parents should never shirk their responsibilities. Taking full responsibility for the upbringing of their children is necessary. Parents who neglect this duty create a sense of abandonment in their children.

Adhering to the teachings of Chanakya can help us raise children who will not abandon us in our old age. It is the responsibility of parents to provide their children with proper guidance and education to ensure a bright future. By avoiding the path of old age homes, we can create a strong bond with our children and enable them to become responsible and caring individuals. Let us embrace Chanakya’s wisdom and lead our children towards a fulfilling life, just as we strive to lead our own lives.


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