Chanakya says do these 3 tests before trusting anyone..!

Chanakya Neeti: Acharya Chanakya life lesson

Chanakya says that it is very important to test someone before we make friends, relatives or trust someone. How do we identify our loved ones..?

Take these 3 tests to avoid getting cheated in future.

It is very important to recognize self and others in Kaliyuga, otherwise, one can be deceived at every stage. Many such things are mentioned in Chanakya’s policy. So that people learn to recognize and understand right and wrong. Many problems can be avoided if these policies are adopted. According to Chanakya, if you want to identify your loved ones, then you should test them based on these 3 things. By doing these things a person can avoid being cheated in future.

 1. Clarity:
According to Chanakya, a person should be judged on the basis of his qualities. Chanakya says that one should never trust a proud, selfish person. An outspoken person may be bad in the eyes of others, but his mind is pure. A person who speaks clearly and directly says everything directly without keeping anything in his mind. There is no deception in their words. Such people cannot hear wrong, they answer equally. Put your point in front of people in clear terms, if it is yours, he will understand, otherwise, he will turn his back.

2. Sacrifice:
According to Chanakya, if you want to test a friend, relative or any other person, look for the spirit of sacrifice in them. A person who sacrifices his own happiness for the happiness of others will never deceive you. On the other hand, someone who doesn’t stand by you in times of grief, stay away from such people immediately. Because people who turn around saying we are your loved ones will leave you in times of crisis to find their way to safety. So, let go of selfishness and befriend someone who will stand by you in times of crisis.

3. Respect for all:
If your conduct is such that you have no kind of wrong feelings towards others, you cannot always be deceived. People who think wrongly about others also act wrongly. Such a person can cheat anyone with his selfishness. So it is very important to be careful.

According to Chanakya, if any person has these qualities in him we can befriend him or trust him for the rest of our life. Chanakya says that you will never be cheated by people who have these qualities.


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