Navaratri Day 3: Chandraghanta – Fierce Protection

Navaratri Day 3 Chandraghanta - Fierce Protection
Navaratri Day 3 Chandraghanta - Fierce Protection

As the vibrant festival of Navaratri continues, the third day is dedicated to the worship of Chandraghanta, the warrior goddess who embodies strength, courage, and protection. Her name, which means “the one who has a moon-shaped bell,” signifies her divine power to vanquish evil forces and safeguard her devotees. In this article, we will explore the significance of Navaratri Day 3 and the formidable presence of Chandraghanta in Hindu mythology and spiritual practice.

Chandraghanta – The Warrior Goddess:

Chandraghanta is often depicted as a fierce goddess riding a tiger, with a third eye on her forehead. She carries a trident and a lotus flower in her two hands while her third hand holds a bell shaped like the crescent moon. The crescent moon adorning her forehead adds to her name’s symbolism and significance.

Key Attributes of Chandraghanta:

1. Courage and Protection: Chandraghanta is a symbol of courage and fearlessness. Her warrior-like persona serves as a protector of her devotees, dispelling all threats and challenges.

2. Bell of Protection: The moon-shaped bell is believed to produce a divine sound that terrifies negative forces and demons, thereby providing a shield of protection to those who worship her.

3. Third Eye: The third eye signifies her deep insight and wisdom, enabling her to see the truth and dispel illusions.

Lessons from Chandraghanta:

Fearlessness and Protection: Chandraghanta’s fierce appearance reminds us to face challenges with courage and unwavering resolve. She teaches us to protect what is dear to us and to stand up against adversity.

Discerning the Truth: Her third eye encourages us to seek the truth, to be wise, and to see beyond the surface, thereby making informed and just decisions.

Sound of Devotion: The crescent moon bell signifies that the sound of devotion can shield us from negativity and evil influences, creating a protective aura.

Celebrating Chandraghanta on the Third Day of Navaratri:

Devotees celebrate the third day of Navaratri with offerings, prayers, and devotional songs in praise of Chandraghanta. Her divine energy is invoked to instill courage and safeguard against threats, both physical and spiritual. The crescent moon bell is often featured in the celebrations, ringing to ward off negativity.


Chandraghanta, the warrior goddess, is a powerful symbol of courage, protection, and divine strength. As we celebrate the third day of Navaratri, we honor her fierce and unwavering spirit. May we draw inspiration from her fearlessness to confront the challenges in our lives and find the courage to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Chandraghanta’s teachings remind us that true power lies in the unwavering spirit of protection and courage.