Sri Shanimahathma Temple, Chikka Madhure

Chikka Madhure in Kanaswadi is one of the famous pilgrimage centers of the Sri Shanimatham Temple (Sri Shani Mahatma Mandir) on the shore of Madhure Kere Lake in Madhur. The temple is located on the Nelamangala and Doddaballapur road, about 14 km from Nelamangala. The temple falls at Doddaballapur Taluk. The temple is dedicated to Shani or Shani Dev, one of the Nav Grahas (nine planets) worshipped in Hindu temples.

The temple is one of the oldest established temples that worship Shani Mahatma. The statue is completely black, dressed in black and adorned with decorations. The temple attracts more devotees, especially on Saturdays, which according to Hinduism have great significance for Shani Mahatma.

Religious significance of the temple

To reduce negativity in their lives, devotees pay tribute to Shani Mahatma. Worshiping Shani Mahatma is believed to greatly reduce the burden and obstacles in a person’s life. The main offering includes Elu Batti (black sesame oil dipped in gingelly oil), which many devotees burn in a fireplace in front of the idol.

About Shani Mahatma

Sri Shanimahathma Temple, Chikka Madhure

Shanidev is the son of Sun God and Charan-Devi Suvarna. According to the legends of Hindu mythology from Kashi Khand, Shani Dev honored Lord Shiva as his guru (teacher). Shani Dev is considered to be the seventh among the nine planets, but it has the highest gravitational pull compared to Earth. Therefore, the effect of Shani is highest on the table of a person’s birth. In the case of astrology, the influence of Shani Dev is considered a bad influence.

Most devotees are afraid and believe in keeping Shani Dev happy by offering Ellu Batti to avoid flaws like Ashtama Shani, Sade Sathi and Panchama Shani. The largest of all the Shanidev temples is at Thirunalar in Tamil Nadu, where thousands of devotees come to worship.

Sri Shanimahathama Temple Architecture

Shani Dev Temple at Madhure is a typical architecture of South India. The temple has a gopura like most temples in South India. The impressive Dravidian architecture is enchanting with many sculptures carved in Gopuram.

Gopuram has many intricate carvings in exquisite workmanship which are truly attractive.

The temple was built by a farmer named Ganga Hanumaiah to pacify the vengeance and sufferings that come in life.

Festivals at Sri Shanimahathma Temple

The major festival of Shani Mahadeva is the annually conducted Chariot procession witnessed by thousands of devotees

How to Reach Sri Shanimahathma Temple

By Air

Bangalore airport is the nearest airport to Chikka Madhure

By Road

From Bangalore, many KSRTC buses ply towards Nelamangla

By Train

Yeshwantpur railway station and the Bangalore City railway station is the nearest railway station

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