The Ganges Water will Free you of these 10 sins…!

The Ganges Water will Free you of these 10 sins...!

Bathing in the Ganges is considered the most sacred bath. Bathing in the river Ganga is said in the scriptures and Puranas to cure sins. Do you know which 10 sins are removed by bathing in the Ganges..? 

It is believed that on the tenth day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Jeshtha, Goddess Ganga, who lived in heaven, came down to earth to destroy the sins of man and save the living beings. It is said that a person gets rid of these 10 types of sins by taking a bath in the river Ganges. Do you know which 10 types of sins get rid of in the Ganga bath?

All sins fall under these 10 categories only

It is said in the Shastras and Puranas that there are 10 types of sins and apart from these 10 types of sins no human being or creature can commit any additional sin. That is, it is mentioned that all kinds of sins are committed only in these 10 categories.

Sins are divided into three categories

These 10 types of sins are divided into three categories. First is physical, second is verbal and third is mental. That is, man commits sin with his body, speech and mind. Physical sins committed by man are divided into three categories. The second sin, speech, is divided into four types of sins and the third, mental, is divided into three types of sins. In this way 4+3+3=10 ie there are 10 types of sins.

The door of salvation opens

Taking a bath in the holy river Ganga can get rid of 10 kinds of sins. It is said that a holy bath of Mother Ganga gives freedom from sins and opens the door to salvation.

These sins are removed by bathing in the Ganges

Bathing in the Ganga will remove these 10 sins. It includes taking someone’s property without permission or force, insulting women, violence, using harsh words, speaking untruth, complaining about someone, desiring to take away or possess the property of others, harming others or harbouring such a desire and discussing unnecessary matters etc.

A festival to worship the Ganges

Ganga Dasara is celebrated in Jyeshtha Masa, Shukla Paksha, Dashami Tithi, Budha Day, Hasta Nakshatra and Ananda Yoga, Moon in Virgo and Sun in Taurus, this day is celebrated as Ganga Dasara. Puranas also say that one who takes a bath in the Ganga on this day will attain Vaikunthaloka.

Significance of Ganga Dasara

If for some reason the Ganges cannot be reached, the worshiper should offer sesame seeds after bathing in any river or pond near him. The importance of donating on this day is also mentioned. Whoever worships and glorifies Ganga Mata lawfully on this day should not face any kind of problems in life. That is why this festival is considered a great pious festival.


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