The Life-Changing Knowledge of Lord Sri Krishna

The Life-Changing Knowledge of Lord Sri Krishna
The Life-Changing Knowledge of Lord Sri Krishna

Life’s lessons give meaning to life. They are reassuring. The words of Lord Krishna also shed the light of knowledge in everyone, bringing everyone to think.

Lord Krishna is a friend and a God. Krishna’s Vachanamritas are always the way to life. Murali Lola is the spiritual guru the world has seen. Each and every word of Murari, who taught about bhakti and religion, is relevant even today. There is no doubt that if the messages of Lord Krishna are followed in life, life will become sweeter. Lord Krishna has said a lot of wonderful words that can be applied to our daily lives. Here’s a look at some such beautiful words of Govardhangiridhari.

All that happens is for the good

Krishna says that one should know that everything that happens in life is good. Everything happens for a reason or for a good reason. Whatever happens in life happens for the good and there is a purpose or reason behind it. God is the supreme power and this world is governed by God. We are all children of God. Thus, it is better not to get hurt about things that have happened or things that happen without our control. We have to accept the situation that has come and keep moving forward. It is said in the Bhagavad-Gita that nothing can happen here except by the will of God.

Perform duty diligently

The Indian knowledge tradition has its own significance. There is a crown of greatness. Similarly, in the Vachanamrita of Lord Krishna, there are also talks about karma. Perform your duty. However, be indifferent to the outcome. That is to say, your right lies in karma. Not in anticipation of results. A man should never become inactive without performing his duty, nor should he expect results in action. Because when you do your duty in anticipation of the results, if you don’t get the desired results, you will feel sad. On the contrary, Krishna says that the work done without expecting fruit should be performed with sincerity, diligence, hard work and enjoy the process. There is also a lesson that you have to do what you do with concentration and single-mindedness. It can also mean performing your duty and leaving the result to God. Sincere efforts will be blessed by God, success will come.

One who performs his duty is always protected by Lord Krishna. The things we do in our lives shape our future. Lord Krishna has said in the Gita that those who choose the good are always safe.

Control anger

Anger is always bad. Anger ruins life. Lord Krishna also speaks wonderfully while referring to anger. Anger makes the intellect look like darkness. So that the situation cannot be assessed properly. Anger comes in the way of a decision-making intellect like a cloud. When the memory becomes bewildered, the intellect is destroyed. Lord Krishna says that when the intellect is destroyed, a man is destroyed. This means that anger affects your ability to judge yourself. Anger is also the fundamental reason for life’s failures. Therefore, it is also important to be calm all the time.


Sacrifice can also be seen in a lot of situations in the Mahabharata. It’s also a life lesson. To be successful in life, we have to sacrifice a lot of things. Without sacrifice, progress and development is not possible. If you are always in a comfort zone i.e. a safe zone, you will never be able to move on the path of success in life. With this you will not be able to achieve a high level of success if you are not willing to sacrifice your status, ego, time, money. This can be seen many times in the words and steps of Lord Krishna.

Humility and Honesty

Though Lord Krishna was the saviour of the world and the Dwarkadheesh, he never succumbed to his ego. Though he was the God of creation, one could see humility and humility in Lord Krishna. It is also a lesson for us that Lord Krishna treated the elders and gurus with utmost respect. It is also a symbol of simplicity that Lord Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war. Humility is an important factor in everyone. This beauty will change your life. Increases happiness in life. Simplicity and humility are the treasure in everyone’s life.

No work is small or big

It is very important to love the work you do first. There is happiness in life when you do what you do with utmost interest. We can see this in Lord Krishna as well. It is also a lesson for our lives. Lord Krishna was also capable of winning the battle of Kurukshetra on his own. But Krishna did not do so. He guided Arjuna and drove the chariot as a charioteer. That is, there is no hierarchy of small or big in the occupation or duty we do. Instead, the work has to be carried out with interest. If you work with interest, it doesn’t feel like work, it’s as much fun as the game itself. If we lose interest and faith in the work we do, it will be punishable. Thus, it is only when you love work that the best can be given. Respecting all kinds of jobs, accepting them with love is the only way to be truly satisfied.

Don’t worry about the future

This is also a wonderful life lesson. That is, Lord Krishna teaches us to live in the present moment. Krishna was conscious of the future. However, he decided to live in the present moment without worrying too much about it. Krishna knew what would happen in the future. However, Krishna can be seen in the present moment. In other words, it is very important to experience the joys of the present life without thinking too much about the future. Moreover, paying more attention to the present moment will improve your mental well-being. It is important to live in the present. Because the future cannot be controlled.


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