These 5 things stay with us even after death..! What are they?

we take these 5 things with us after death. What are those 5 things..? Why do we take only these 5

It is common to mumble the lines of coming naked and going naked, just darkness between coming and going, life needs the light of devotion, vithalana should be celebrated for liberation. We may have heard that what we do not take with us when we enter the world, is what we do not take with us when we leave the world. But, according to the scriptures, we take these 5 things with us after death. What are those 5 things..? Why do we take only these 5 things..?

You have often heard people say that when a person dies, that person takes nothing with them. Whatever material pleasures that person experiences during his lifetime are temporary. Puranas, Vedas and other scriptures clearly state in them that even after a person dies certain things go with him till the next birth. There are certain things that have to be paid for in a person’s next life. So let us see what are the five such things that go with a person even after death.

Knowledge of that person

Knowledge separates a person from negativity. Having a strong knowledge will enable you to achieve your own unique identity and influence other people. Therefore, the knowledge you get before your death will be more useful to you. In fact, it is believed that the qualities that a person learns while he is alive remain with him even after death. So devote your time to learning good knowledge and virtues. It is also mentioned in Bhagavad Gita that knowledge and charity never perish.


It is said in religious scriptures that debt never leaves a person. If a person has done you a good deed, he should clear his debt as soon as he gets the chance. If you do not repay someone’s debt, you will be in the same debt the next birth. In the next life you may have to pay that debt in any form. Also, if you have given a loan to someone and that person dies before repaying the loan, you may have to take birth again and again. Therefore, it is very important to die debt free before death.

Lust and attachment

According to the Shastras, one desires to obtain something and if the person dies before obtaining it, the desire for that object does not leave him even after death. Lust is the desire for worldly pleasures. A story about lust is also told in the Vishnu Purana. King Bharata was very fond of his fawn. He gives up his life thinking about it. In the next life, the king himself had to take birth as a deer. Therefore, desire and lust should not be allowed to dominate your mind. Also, don’t be overly attached to anything.


It is said in the Gita that human life cannot exist without action. Every moment the man does good and bad things. When death approaches, whether a person attains happiness or misery in the Hereafter is determined by his actions. These result in good and bad results in the next life. It is said that karma does not leave a person until 7 births. An example of this can be seen in the Mahabharata. When Bhishma, lying on a bed of arrows, asked Lord Krishna why he had met such a death, Lord Krishna reminded him of an incident 7 births ago. Bhishma picked up a dead snake and threw it on a thorn. Due to this, he had to sleep on arrows in his last moments.


You may have often heard from your elders that charity and virtue never run out. It is also mentioned in the scriptures. In life, if a stranger helps you, it means that they are repaying the charity and dharma you did in your previous life. Therefore, one should continue to give charity. Then they go with it even after that person’s death.


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