Why do we ring the bell before entering a temple?

temple bell

Have you noticed that there is a bell hanging inside the temple? Whenever people go to a temple for worship, they definitely ring the bell before entering. Also they ring the bell while leaving the temple. Do you know why we need to ring the bell every time before enter a temple?

The temple bell (or the ‘Ghanta’) is an important element of any Hindu puja. Mostly it can be seen before entering the Garbhagriha (or Sannidhanam or womb-chamber) where the main idol is placed. It is very important for people to know about the benefits of ringing the temple bell. Today we are going to learn about this.

Seeking permission for entry of the temple:

Ringing the temple bell is a sign of permission for the entry of the deity. With this, all the chakras of the mind and brain can be activated. At the same time, the ringing of temple bells also signifies that all the Gods should be attracted to them.  

Elimination of negative energy:

If the temple bell is ringing, it will remove the negative energy from around you. And there is a belief that positive energy around you makes you feel positive.

Awakening the God:

God can be awakened by ringing the temple bell. It is said that the Gods get happy by ringing the bell. There is a rule that in the worship we offer to God, the bell has to be rung to awaken them.

Awakening the Seven Chakras:

When the temple bell is ringing, the loud sound emanating from it activates the seven chakras of the body. When the seven chakras of the body are awakened, the mind becomes focused on God. This gives us the full fruits of the worship that we perform to ourselves.

Purity of body and mind:

It is also believed that if we ring the bell before entering the temple, the body and mind will be purified. It is very important that both the mind and the body are to be purified if the mind is to be engrossed in the remembrance of God.

To convey a message to God:

If the bell rings before you leave the temple, your message will reach the God directly and all your wishes will be fulfilled. If you are going to the temple with the intention of fulfilling your desires to God, then it is mandatory to ring the bell before returning from the temple.

Now above points help to make you aware of the facts of ringing the bell inside the temple. So do not forget to ring the bell while entering and returning from the temple.



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