Do you know these 10 things about the Airavata Elephant..?

Do you know these 10 things about the Airavata Elephant..?

The Airavata elephant is an elephant with religious significance. After hearing the name of this elephant, it is common to get excited about that elephant. What are the things we need to know about Airavata Elephant..? Here are 10 things we should know about the Airavata Elephant.

Airavata name

On hearing the name of Airavata the elephant with divine qualities, everyone feels rich and lucky.

Indra’s elephant

In Puranas, Airavata is described as having a shining white complexion. Airavata is actually the name of Indra’s elephant.

Name of Airavata

While distributing the jewels, Indra took for himself the elephant Airavata, who was very beautiful and had rich divine qualities. That is why it is also called Indra hasti or Indrakunjara.

The name of the serpent is Airavata

The main reason why this elephant is called Airavata is that ‘Ira’ means water, so the elephant born from Airavata (ocean) is named Airavata. Airavata Naga is also mentioned in ancient Puranas. Airavata is also the name of the ancestor of the serpent Dhritarashtra.

Created by the churning of the sea

Airavata is one of the 14 gems obtained from the churning of the ocean between deities and demons.

Airavata in Jain literature

In the eighth chapter of the Mahabharata, Bhishmaparva, the land north of Bharatavarsa is called ‘Airavata’ instead of Uttara Kuru. The same name is also found in Jain literature.

Other Names of Airavata

Airavata has other names- Abhramatanga, Airavan, Abhrabhoovallabha, Shvetahasti, Mallanaga, Hastimalla, Sadhadana, Sudama, Shwetakunjara, Gajagrani and Nagamalla.

Airavata in a dream

According to astrology, seeing an elephant in a dream is considered very auspicious and beneficial, indicating prosperity, increasing fortune as well as happiness and prosperity.

Arjuna brought Airavata

Shree Mahalakshmi or Gajalakshmi fast is observed every year on Ashwin Krishna Ashtami. In this regard, it is believed that Arjuna called Airavata to earth to worship Gajalakshmi for his mother Kunti.

Airavata in temples

In all religions, the elephant is considered a sacred animal. We can see elephant statues outside most temples in India. According to belief, if we see only Iravata elephant in a dream, our fame, honour, happiness, peace, fortune, family growth, lucky offspring etc. will happen in life.