Did Sri Krishna come from an alien civilisation?


Did Sri Krishna come from an alien civilisation?

The question may sound appalling to some, foolish and silly to many. But consider the way Sri Krishna’s birth and times are described in the puranas, especially Srimad Bhagawatham.

Sri-Krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-4Krishna was not born to human beings. Devaki and Vasudeva, the deemed parents of Krishna, did  not have any physical relationship to have a progeny. They were tied to different corners in a jail by Kamsa, the asura king.

Sri-Krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-1When Krishna was `born’ it was pitch dark. There was an unusual and unexplained atmospheric turbulence. Rivers and oceans had swelled and there was torrential downpour. Was all this created by an alien spacecraft that had entered into the earth’s atmosphere to `drop’ a powerful living `seed’? Probably Krishna?

Sri-Krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-1And, on that night, everyone was fast asleep, including the guards. Were all these earthlings put into induced sleep by some alien force?

As soon as Krishna `manifested’ himself in the jail, it was realised that He had landed’ in a wrong place where His life was in danger. So were instructions given that He be shifted immediately? That is how Vasudeva put the little Krishna into a basket and took him to Gokul, again under instructions. In Gokul too, every soul was put to an induced sleep.

Sri-Krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-1When Krishna was being taken to Gokul, the Yamuna was still swollen due to the unusual atmospheric phenomenon, probably created by an alien spacecraft. When Krishna was being taken in a basket, the powers that-be in the spacecraft probably had the technology to `slice’ and part the swollen river.

Sri-Krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-3And then, for light and cover from the rain, the puranas say that Lord Sesha, the serpent God, opened his fangs and the light from his eyes guided Vasudeva. Was this an allegory? Did the spacecraft hover atop and provide cover from the rain and beam light for Vasudeva to walk through?

Krishna had an unusual colour – a mix of blue and grey. Nobody else had this hue. This again throws a question mark if He was indeed an alien.

sri-krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-9Krishna had supernatural powers. Once when Devaki asked Him to open His mouth to find out if He had eaten mud, the foster mother saw the whole universe and fainted. Did Krishna reveal from where He came?

Krishna was so powerful that he could lift mountains, control weather and nature. This is probably why He never used his powers in warfare. He knew it would be a battle between unequals.


Did Krishna marry and have children?

Probably not. Otherwise, atleast  one among his so-called children would have inherited his genes to become illustrious. Women of His time `assumed’ Krishna to be their husband. The puranas probably humanised Him be attributing many wives to Krishna.

Sri-Krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-9In the Mahabaratha war, Krishna may have revealed to Arjuna the place from where he came. He tells Arjuna, that ordinary eyes cannot see His real manifestation. So, Krishna gives Arjuna `divya Chakshusha’ or divine eyes. Was this nothing but a powerful telescope through which Arjuna could see the galaxies and universe and the real place of origin of Krishna?

Sri-Krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-9While Krishna’s birth has many details, his end has nothing much. Did He pass away when an arrow struck his foot? Probably not. If He died, where was he buried?

Sri-Krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-9So what happened in the end? Krishna was probably `programmed’ by an alien civilisation to live for around 120 years and then self disintegrate, not leave any trace or physical evidence.

Even the Akashvani,’ or voice from the sky, that announced Kamsa’s end probably came from a pilot vehicle that preceded the spacecraft that dropped a `power’ that ultimately grew up to be Krishna.

Sri-Krishna-alien-civilisation-atma-nirvana-9These are just some random thoughts. Nothing meant to denigrate or belittle Krishna, the Supreme Being. He was indeed an avatar, probably an avatar who came from a powerful civilisation that was moving far away from Earth.




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