Three types of people in the spiritual world

Three types of people in the spiritual world

After the epidemic is over, human beings will rethink material enjoyment, and the interrupted economic torrent will continue, but the damage to the spiritual world will not heal, because the spiritual world is also divided into three categories.

Under the epidemic test, we must see the truth!

About 70% of most people think emotionally. It’s almost enough at work. If you master a craft, you can think about how much work you can do for a year or even a lifetime. With the mentality of hitting the clock every day, you can honestly work eight-hour shifts and give as much money as you earn. How many services, the study is proud of the research and education; in life, order anything casually, and after getting off work on weekends, the core is to play games, sleep and play, just be happy; in partnership, during the period of passionate love, the oath of each other, the first marriage is like glue, and after seven years, we treat each other like a guest, Educating children to good schools, and instructing children to be “obedient”.

Congratulations, this is a normal person in the eyes of everyone. The country’s major policies are formulated for them, and the national welfare guarantee is also for them. It may be the leek in the eyes of the stock market makers, and it may be the labour and consumer market in the eyes of the big capitalists.

Sensual animals live together in harmony

Only a small number of people, about 25%, think rationally about life. At work, they like to try different occupational positions, which may be unstable factors in the eyes of leaders. They are strong in execution but like to summarize. They have plans and do not stick to current gains and losses. Most of these people pay attention to cleanliness and even have obsessive-compulsive disorder. They like to read books alone or chat with close friends on weekends. The partnership relationship is always in a state, and the first love and marriage have not changed much after seven years. He has his ideas and likes “memes” that inject positive energy into children without leaving school education.

Rejoice, this is the wealthy class in the eyes of everyone, and it is the hope for the future development of the country. Although these people are not very concerned about politics, they are the original intention of the reform of the national incentive mechanism. They have a sense of current psychological superiority and maybe future entrepreneurs. It may also be the golden collar of the industry, or it may be the uncle who is walking in the streets and dragging the board.

Rational thinking is an umbrella that temporarily shields you from the wind and rain

Perceptual and rational thinking divide everyone into two levels, or 3-5% of people, who are neither attached to perceptual nor hope for rational thinking, and only have a surviving belief or consciousness in their hearts. At work, I follow the trend and have my ideas. I like to give any meaning. I seem to ask everything. I always pursue the so-called truth based on common sense and facts. future. Partnership, rich emotional experience, simple and direct married life, like to educate children, constantly challenge school education and even make children suffer and suffer.

I’m sorry, such people are very few, and they are also an alternative in everyone’s eyes. They are indeed the hope or original talents of the human spiritual world. We may curse their life and work while savouring the articles or works written by such people. , most of them have a mental illness. Because only by jumping out of the normal world can we see this world clearly, because only non-normal human beings can see this human nature!


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