Why Does a Person’s Voice become Silent at the Time of Death..?

Hinduism also has a tradition of cremation. Further Garuda Purana mentions some inscriptions related to this. If a person dies, the dead body is not cremated after sunset. Also, the dead body is not left alone. What is the reason for this? Here is the answer. 

Both birth and death are said to complement each other. Just as birth is normal, death is also normal. At the time of death, a person begins to cry in pain. And his voice becomes silent. Do you know the reason for this? According to Garuda Purana, what causes a person to cry at the time of death..? Why does a person’s voice become silent at the time of death..?

Death is accepted with great pain. That is why people fear death. Death is described as a normal process in religious texts. According to the Bhagavad Gita, death is a process of transformation of the soul. When a person’s body ages, the soul replaces its body through death. People are very afraid of death, the reason behind it is the pains experienced at the time of death. Many people lose their voices at the time of death. The person starts crying. Many things are said about death in our religious scriptures like Bhagavad Gita, Garuda Purana, and Kathopanishad. So let’s know why a person’s voice stops at the time of death and why the body starts crying in this article.

He experiences these at the time of death

According to Garuda Purana, when a person dies, a divine vision arises in the person. That person starts seeing everything around the world and he remembers the events of his whole life. In an instant, the whole life is repeated before that person’s eyes. After that, he starts the journey of his new life.

Pain like a scorpion bite

At the time of death, Yamaraja’s emissaries came to the man and immediately took his life. At that time a person feels the pain of being bitten by 100 scorpions. Along with this, a person’s mouth starts to dry from the inside and his saliva starts coming out. According to the Garuda Purana, the life force of sinners escapes from the lower body.

The messengers of Yama are very scary

When a person’s last hour comes, two messengers of Yamaraja come to him. According to the Garuda Purana, Yamadutas are very fearful in sight and have large eyes. The Garuda Purana says that seeing such an emissary of Yamaraja, the sinner gets scared and starts defecating.

A person is bound and carried away by the messengers of Yama

At the time of death, a creature about the size of a thumb emerges from the person’s body. It is captured by Yamaraja’s messenger. Yamaraja’s emissaries capture that soul and travel to Yamaloka. The messengers tie it up and take it away.

A journey to hell

When a person is travelling to hell after death when he is exhausted the messengers of Yamaraja terrorize him and explain the misery of hell to that sinner. During this time, the person walks remembering all his sins. Their hearts tremble when they think of them.


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