Compete with yourself? Compete with the strong

Compete with yourself! Have a shadow fight! Try to be the best version of yourself! It is important to compete with yourself, not others! Be better than yesterday!

How many times have you been told: “Compete with yourself and then you will have no equal”? But believing in it is not always a good idea. The competitive process oneself leads to the fact that the achievements are very modest, and life is not at all satisfactory. If you want to achieve what you want in life, then you need to compete with others, and not engage in endless fuss and imitation of change.

Compete with yourself! Have a shadow fight! Try to be the best version of yourself! It is important to compete with yourself, not others! Be better than yesterday!

We are told this a thousand times by various people, motivators and smart books. This modern wisdom and philosophy sound great in theory, but in practice, it turns out to be useless, and sometimes even harmful. With such an attitude, all life will be grey, and the results will be insignificant, modest and weak. Is that what you want when your dreams and goals are unfulfilled?

The worst competitor you can choose will be yourself. Such installations are only for insecure people and weak in spirit. When you compete with yourself, you are extremely inefficient. You will never achieve your dream or goal if you only mess around in your sandbox. It makes no sense from a practical point of view.

Compete not with yourself, but with others

Take any sport and you will notice that team training is much more effective. Running clubs, gym, fitness training, CrossFit teams. Why is it all so popular? When people work in a team, the results are much higher. We begin to use our full potential, we try to overtake others or be no worse than the leader. But in independent training, we constantly feel sorry for ourselves, do not give all our best and do not strive to overtake someone.

Compete with yourself? You slightly exceed your result, but no more. All this is inefficient. Even when a person trains and an imaginary opponent opposes him, he shows better results. Competing not with himself, but with another opponent, a person always beats his past records and surpasses past achievements.

Why are business schools and other team training so popular? A person is lazy, and in a team, it is much easier not to give yourself an indulgence. Similar experiments in business, sports, creativity and other fields produce similar results.

Compete with yourself? Be better than yesterday? This is a subjective criterion that reflects reality poorly. It is very difficult to compare yourself adequately with yourself. You have to compete with the strong, otherwise, you won’t achieve anything or the results will be modest. Human priorities are to conserve strength and follow the path of least resistance. For this reason, competing with yourself is extremely unproductive. You seem to be doing something, but it doesn’t make much sense.

Compete with the strong

Often, competition with other rooks is perceived extremely disapprovingly. It can make you depressed, kill your motivation, disappoint you in life and make you give up. But competition is in our blood. Our very birth was once the first. It’s our turn to lead, now what?

There is a saying: “If you are the smartest in the area, then you are in the wrong area.” It is important to compete with the strong, and not hang out among the weak. To the strong, you will reach out and grow. Striving for the best makes you better. You can learn from them, repeat their actions and win.

Compete with the strongest and the best. But this does not mean that you need to compete in wealth with Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. In glory with Kanye West or Cristiano Ronaldo, it is also stupid to compete.

Choose your partner for the competition carefully, reasonably and adequately. This person should be at a higher level, but there should not be an abyss between you. Compete with who is better than you and who is a great example. So having caught up with one leader, you choose the next goal that you must conquer.

Compete with yourself? You have to compete with the strong and those who can teach something and who you need to constantly reach out. Set yourself the bar and partners in the competition gradually to grow every day. When you reach one level, then set a new frontier and a new leader. Pass them like in a computer game step by step.

Compete with yourself? Stop engaging in unproductive self-reflection. So you will forever sit in a comfort zone and imitate violent activity. But all this is self-deception.

The process of growth and movement forward will be the maximum possible when you compete with others, give all your best at 100% and even more.


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