Vidur Neeti: The Five Qualities Within You That Bring Happiness

do you know which 3 mistakes we should not make..? Vidura wants everyone to renounce these three qualities.

Vidura was a great scholar and thinker of the Mahabharata era. He was an expert in politics and a follower of dharma and justice. His words and teachings are still relevant today and are an inspiration for leading a meaningful life. Vidura’s teachings also include the keys to a happy life, and he identified five important qualities that contribute to our happiness.

Churning of Right and Wrong:

Vidura believed that success in life comes from living according to ethical principles. Those who use their wisdom and knowledge to distinguish right from wrong will not regret their decisions in the future, leading to a happier life.

Sense Control:

The ability to control one’s senses contributes to a joyful life, according to Vidura. Such individuals are always happy and reach the pinnacle of success.


Those who embrace simplicity and humane qualities will never suffer in the future. They are respected everywhere and achieve success in life.


Fearless individuals who find their own ways to move forward happily in life and remain patient in adverse situations become very famous, according to Vidura. Such people will always achieve success in life.


Vidura believed that knowledge is one of the most essential needs in life. It helps discern right from wrong and enables individuals to find solutions to all problems. Those who possess knowledge gain respect and love in society, and can guide others, leading to a self-sufficient and fulfilling life.

Vidura’s teachings on the qualities that bring happiness remain relevant today, and individuals who embrace these qualities will lead a fulfilling and successful life.


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